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Platform and Short Oral Presentation (SOP) online registration has been closed. Those who have not registerd, please bring slides with you to Japan. Thank you very much.
Platform and Short Oral Presentation (SOP)

1. The platform/short oral presentation (SOP), allocated a 3-minute time slot, without discussion, will be held, in addition to mounting the poster. Each SOP presenter to make a presentation of poster abstract by using your own slides.
2. Those who are making presentations should register your slides in advance through the online system no later than Thursday, April 30, 2009. Your data should be made in PowerPoint with Macintosh 2004 or Windows 2003 (.ppt). Please refer to the instructions for making the entry of your data on this Website.
Instructions for Presentation
3. After your data has submitted in advance, it is unable to make any corrections or changes on the presentation day on site. Please be sure to submit your slides via this Website on the above due date. However, you can modify or change your data by that date. On the presentation day, please be noted the PC data is not accepted because your presentation data will appear on the screen automatically on your turn.
4. Presenters should be at SOP room at least 30 minutes prior to your presentation. After checking your turn, please proceed to SOP waiting area to be seated (in the front row at the left side).
5. When presentation comes to your turn, your slides will appear on the screen automatically so please be ready to start the presentation. Your Abstract Number, Title, Institute, and First Author, will be introduced by slides. Hence, you do not need to introduce these parts yourself due to the time limitation.
6. SOP is a 3-minuet per presenter. Please use the mouse and keyboard on the podium to start your presentation. Please be noted that when your allotted time is over, the slide will change to the next presenter's automatically. Please stick to the presentation time to be punctual. The submitted data for your presentation will be deleted by the Secretariat after the meeting.
Note: Those who have forgotten a 5-digit number, your Abstract number, please click here to check it.
Note: Those presenters, who did not make the entry of your data during the above period, please consult with the Secretariat at