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The Takao Hoshino Award 2009 was given to young investigators who have received the highest abstract scores in addition to their excellent posters from the Abstract Review process. The award winners were:
  1. P041 Yaodong Zhao China
  2. P043 Paul A. Northcott Canada
  3. P047 Marie de Tayrac France
  4. P049 Talal M. Fael Al-Mayhami UK
  5. P055 Kyeung Min Joo Korea
  6. P057 Fonnet E. Bleeker Netherlands
  7. P058 Keita Terashima USA
  8. P059 Kerrie L. McDonald Australia
  9. P061 Wan-Yee Teo USA
  10. P064 Karine Michaud USA

The organizing committee of the 3rd Quadrennial Meeting of the World Federation of Neuro-Oncology, jointly with the 6th Meeting of the Asian Society for Neuro-Oncology (ASNO) has established an award program. This award is given in recognition of outstanding endeavors by young investigators in research activities and to encourage continued research careers related Neuro-Oncology.

For this program, a limited number of awards will be made available to qualified young investigators who submit original abstracts in all basic and clinical research fields of Neuro-Oncology.

The winners of awards will be announced and presented during the meeting.

[Name of Award]
The Takao Hoshino Award for young investigators.
A personal history of Dr. Takao Hoshino

Under the age of 35 in any country

The award carries a monetary prize of approximately JPY50,000 (roughly USD460, EUR300), and will be granted to selected winners of five or ten young investigators.

[Evaluation Criteria]
• The first selection to be made by screening of abstracts submitted by applicants.
• The final selection to be judged by oral presentations (3 minutes) as well as the contents of posters applicants presented on the day of the meeting.

[How to Apply]
First step:
• Those wishing to apply for awards should be completed using thie online abstract submission on our Web site that only accept.
• It is important that after your registration, the registration number (5 digits) will show automatically which means your submission is completed without any problem.
• In addition, you are required to submit the following three documents containing:
 1.A brief personal resume consists of one page with A4 size, and please be sure to include in your resume from the top: a) your name, b) the registration number you obtained from the website and c) an abstract title.
 2.A letter of support from supervisor, the appropriate Department Head or Dean, indicating that the candidate's abstract is to be considered for a Young Investigator's Award and that the abstract is a result of the work done by the author itself.
 3.A copy of your passport to prove your age

  The above accompanying documents must be emailed to:

• Only one abstract per candidate may be submitted for this award.

• The abstract submission as well as the documents to be accepted during the specified period from November 5, 2008 to January 29, 2009.

Second step:
• Successful candidates passing the first selection will narrow down to approximately 20.
• Only selected candidates should prepare four slides for platform presentation in addition to the poster.
• Platform presentation to be prepared 4 slides (PPT) as detailed:
1st slide: Title; 2nd - 4th slides: Presentation contents.
• Allotted presentation time is 3 minuets for each candidate.